How to become a full stack developer in 6 months

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Since we are in 2021 because of the pandemic there is so much of time to learn new skills. As well as many startups have been growing in the short amount of time. there are some skills which are in high demand called full stack web development .developers who are flexible with both frontend and backend . so how do you learn those let me guide you through this,

I will cover how to become a full stack with some good hard work in 6 months from beginner to hero in web development.

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starting in the #1 month learn basic skills (html, CSS, Java script)

html is a structure of the website and CSS adds style to it these are the main skills to be learnt and practiced in the first month , and Java script is used to add functionalities to the website. Make some basic projects and prepare some by your own. Dom manipulation and responsive web pages are key components to practice. i will mention some resources below. ;D

#2 month learn frameworks(bootstrap, tailwind)

these frameworks are used to build web pages in easier way and in the less time practice with them and try to clone some other websites like flip kart, amazon, amazon prime etc.

#3 month completely mastering Java script

java script is widely used in the web dev industry it is great and powerful so learn and practice more. In most of the interviews and job requirements they give good preference to java script master data structures and how it works.

#4 month start learning java script frame works

Frame works like react.js and angular.js has high demand in the market mostly every company require any of these frame works they come in handy while in development so either choose any of those you can also choose vue.js

#5 and 6 months node.js and Database ‘s

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser

so learning node.js is important and once you are ok with above concepts you can start learning Data base systems like mango DB ,mysql and also you need to grasp how to connect to database management systems using node.js

#By the end of this month

you can develop a portfolio where you have worked on while you are learning and implementing mostly use react and node to create projects to connect to your portfolio which increases your scope of selection in any interviews. I will attach some sources below✌


This can be done good time management and practice and adopting to the learning environment and also please don’t stress on your self this is just a plan that can be done so chill and take your time and be sure to learn. and finally Thanks for reading this.

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